5 Things You’ll Enjoy About Being a Locum

09 October 2019 Helena Murphy

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Locums are an essential part of the Australian GP landscape.


They fill gaps in our overburdened medical system as a respite for GPs in busy urban or remote practices.


There are many reasons you might choose locum life. It’s a chance to explore more of Australia, or compliment your current workload locally. It’s also a great opportunity to have more freedom and flexibility or to keep practicing as you wind down to retirement.


Whatever the case, there are many positives about being a GP locum.


Locum life offers an exciting chance to enjoy experiences that you probably never thought were possible when working as a GP. Here are some of my favourite opportunities that locum life could offer you.


You’ll see some beautiful parts of Australia


If you’ve always wanted to pack up and take an adventure around Australia, locum is a great option. Imagine…


Snorkelling with sea turtles on the Great Barrier Reef.

Hiking to see Aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park.

Driving the Great Ocean Road with the wind in your hair.

Wine tasting local drops in the Barossa.

Walking the base of Uluru at sunset.


Many locum GPs also opt to use their annual leave for a working holiday. This gives them the chance to get a taste of life in a community different from their every day while still earning income.


Others choose to take a sabbatical from their current practice and take on a few short-term placements in a variety of locations. It might be a couple of months working in a remote community within Indigenous health or a few weeks at clinics near beautiful beaches or rainforests. Other GPs who are subject to the 19AB restrictions will opt to use 6 month locums as a way to continue working in metropolitan locations.


Why work hard and take holidays once in a while, when you could be on holiday all the time and work once in a while?


So, whether you’re interested in swimming with whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef, climbing Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, eating your way around the foodie’s paradise of Tasmania or visiting a destination on the path less travelled, let’s have a chat. 


Send me an email at m.mccammon@ensurehealth.com.au or call on 0410 885 085. I can help you find the right locum fit and take care of all the details to ensure a perfect experience. 


You can use locum as a source of additional income


Locum presents a great opportunity for GPs to supplement their regular GP clinic hours.


You have the flexibility to earn some extra money by selecting jobs that fit your needs - whether that’s based around working hours, specialists interests, or what you are looking to earn.

As a locum, the clinic may cover your accommodation, travel and sometimes even throw in a car, which means more money in your pocket. Although, do your research as some practices may require you to take care of these costs.

Plus, for GPs with procedural or emergency skills, if you’re working in a more rural practice as a VMO it’s a great opportunity to work within the hospital environment and keep your skills sharp and varied. It also allows for a higher income with GP/VMO positions typically earning up to $2,000 per day.


You can tailor locum life around your lifestyle


Locum work provides flexibility and freedom. 


You can balance your desire to live in lots of different places or take holidays on a regular basis while working as a locum. You can pursue your interests (like golf, scuba diving, surfing and sailing) while working as a locum. You can spend more quality time with your family as your working week is usually Monday to Friday.

As everyone knows, work-life balance is increasingly important: locum life gives you the chance to make that happen.

You’ll enjoy a wide range of variety and change

As they say, variety is the spice of life. 

Doing the same work day in day out can be thankless and sometimes exhausting. Locum work allows you to break with routine, avoid burnout and gain fresh perspectives.

I’ve already spoken about some of the amazing locations you can work as a locum, but the variety doesn’t end there. 

As a locum doctor, a change in location can also mean a change in patient demographic, new colleagues and exposure to a greater breadth of medicine.

Your work is rewarding


Whether you’re working in an urban, regional or rural area, locum doctors ease the workload of practices. As a locum, you’re providing an invaluable service assisting both practices and their patients.


In an interview with the Medical Journal of Australia about rural locum work, Dr Alain Mackie says:

It’s an interesting way to make a change in your career and it’s a little bit altruistic. You’re doing some good deeds for smaller communities, if you’re happy to go out and endure some isolation.

Not only that, locum is a great way to expand your GP skillset, and keep your brain synapses firing. Taking placements in different locations means you will likely encounter diverse patient populations and medical conditions, which can be both challenging and rewarding.

Is locum right for you?


If locum sounds like an awesome opportunity you’d like to experience, we have a wide range of clinics and locations available. We will work with you to find opportunities that are perfect for you.


Ready for your next adventure and excited to explore one of these great opportunities as a locum? 


Take our 90 second GP locum quiz to see how this type of work can fit into your lifestyle. We hope the results will help you make an informed decision about whether locum is the right step in your career. Or get in touch with me on m.mccammon@ensurehealth.com.au or call on 0410 885 085.


I’m really looking forward to working with you.


If the idea of locum doesn’t appeal to you right now, we have a wide variety of interesting and rewarding permanent vacancies. Please contact Helena Murphy on our Ensure Health permanent team on h.murphy@ensurehealth.com.au or call on 0451 003 518.